Gig Videos

cadence backlightCADENCE do like to keep things fresh and interesting so are continually adding new songs to their set.   This is just a small taster of the songs that they cover and what you could expect…don’t forget, each set is tailored to the requirements of the venue and tastes of the audience.  Every gig is different!

This clip is from a fantastic night.  The audience wanted a song we don’t usually cover, but we managed to get everyone singing anyway!


Here are a couple of videos taken by Liz of the audience enjoying themselves at a recent gig!

April 2019 Narberth


Here are links to other people’s facebook pages.  This is where venues have posted either live or just after the event to show what a great time everyone was having! 


Here are a couple of montages of gigs over the last year or so.


This is a link to a video kindly taken by Terry Jenkins of Swansea Gig Guide